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In the Midwest the weather is neither friend nor foe. It simply is. So it was without happiness and more resigned discomfort that I took my boyfriend’s hand and shivered as we walked a few blocks  to a comedy club nestled among bars and specialty shops (a spice boutique, an aquarium store, and a chocolatier to … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Winter is stretching out, reaching long frozen arms into the ground and up into the trees, fingers sticking out into barren twigs. What do I do now, the cold air burning my lungs and twirling frantically down my spine where my joints ache? The New Year fell into my lap beneath a blanket and C’s … Continue reading


I say it way too much. A four letter word, a hyphenated sonnet that anchors me like gravity. “I love you” over and over, rote and round, but phenomenally I mean it more than the last one, the one I said five minutes ago. On a train, picking blue nail polish off my fingers, I … Continue reading


Tomorrow I will don headphones in a race for the first time ever. Tomorrow I will force my brain to shut off and process nothing but fresh beats for 3.1 miles. I have always been a worrier. My first nature is one of extreme anxiety. My second nature is to desire candy all the time. … Continue reading

Parish and Purlieus

While my boyfriend is at a writing class, I elected to stay behind. “Take the keys,” I said, “because I am going to sit here, trapped in this condo, and update my resume.” Did you know that from 24 stories up, you can see practically the whole of Lake Michigan provided your view is unobstructed … Continue reading